Morality Of Sex By Immanuel Kant

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In today’s culture, sex has become a topic that is vastly open and common. The dynamic of sex has been continuously growing over the past years and now most people are open to casual dating, hooking up, friends with benefit and more. As culture of sex is rapidly changing, we must stop and consider the implications and the moral aspect of sexual openness that’s so common today. Philosopher Immanuel Kant has written about sexual impulse and the implications of it in his work: Duties Toward Body with Respect to Sexual Impulse. This essay will discuss the main arguments of Kant’s article and the explanation of why would morality of sex argument only is effective in view of God.
In Kant’s article, Duties Toward Body with Respect to Sexual Impulse, he argues that there is a clear line between love and sexual impulse. He explained, “Love, as human affection, is the love that wishes well, is amicably disposed, promotes the happiness of others and rejoices in it.”(). He basically explains that true love rejoices in others’ happiness and is not selfish to seek their own happiness all
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Therefore, these arguments would not make sense for a person who has a low view of human morality. Since, these arguments cannot prove Christian sex ethics to someone who does not accept his basic beliefs, informing them would strengthen his reasoning. For example, Goldman’s Plain Sex says that by separating love and sex it is possible to enjoy sex without running into ethical problems. Goldman’s definition of plain sex is that the purpose of sex is to achieve human contact in order to achieve physical pleasure (). Furthermore, this will allow sex to be only be surrounded by ethics that are same as other activities. Ultimately, objective moral standards must be established for arguments such as plain sex to diminish sexual
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