Morality In Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov: Right And Wrong

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Right and Wrong

It is said that if there were no God in this universe, the principle of morality would not exist. In Dostoevsky’s novel “ The Brothers Karamazov” Ivan Karamazov states, “ If God is dead, everything is permitted.” However the concept of morality is extremely vague. Morality’s definition is distinguishing between the rights and wrongs of a society. According to Dostoevsky’s novel a world without a god would make everything permissible within a society. I believe that there can be morality in a universe without divine being. Throughout most of history, the human race has looked up into the sky’s believing in divine beings that they believe that will help them throughout their journey of life and afterlife. The concept of religion
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The concept of “God” is a man made invention. We can think of God as the “enforcer of morality” because if we do not follow Gods rules; we will end up in hell or in a different religions version of hell. Throughout all of history, human beings have been afraid of the concept of heaven and hell. Religion in the world has gone so far that there have been wars started because of human belief. Why are these wars started? It may be because one religion believes that the other one is right. Which one is right and which one is wrong? Humans put faith into deities because they believe it will save them from salvation. Human beings go, as far as to killing other human beings because they do not believe in their religion. Catholicism is regarded as one of the biggest religions in the world with their own country Vatican City. However most people today do not know how dark Catholicism’s past is. The inquisition is a period of time when the Catholic religion had control of many parts of the world. Queen Isabella gave permission to the Catholic religion to kill any non-believers of their society with a death toll of over 50 thousand. What about the holocaust? Was right for the Nazi’s to kill all the Jews just because of their faith? A total of 6 million people died to the Nazi’s hands because they believed that they did not fit into their society. The concept of religion within humans has progressed humanity so far, but…show more content…
No other animal in the world possesses the power that we posses which is reason. This is why the human race has progressed so far throughout the past hundred thousand years. No other animal has the power to trade among their species or even know that they exist in the world. Their only way of knowing things is to eat and survive. Untrained animals biologically cannot know what right and wrong is because they do not possess that power within their brain, their only thought is how am I going to survive this day and what am I going to eat to survive. Killing another human is morally wrong and can land you the rest of your life in prison or even death. When a person kills another person unknowingly maybe through an STD or a car accident, is it right for this person to be in prison for the rest of his/ her life or even killed? The concept or morality happens in our daily lives without even knowing it. Every decision that we make throughout the day is determined as right or wrong. From determining if you want to go to class, what to eat for breakfast, and even which routes to take getting to a destination. Every decision you make falls into the category right or wrong, but what determines if the decision is right or wrong? Is it wrong to steal or is it wrong to cheat on your significant other? Human belief is what determines if a decision made is right or wrong. Usually what the majority

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