Morality And Morality

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Permitting torture under any condition necessarily involves undermining the universal discourse over moral issues and shutting off its possibilities for human beings, while morally prohibiting torture contributes to opening the possibilities of a universal moral discourse and consent. In an evil world in which torture is tolerated, there is no value which will have any real worth. In such a world, there will be no meaning or value for such concepts as love, justice, faithfulness, friendship or security. Endorsing torture as a practice, even under the most strict of circumstances, implies eliminating morality, eliminating nay value and putting an end to any moral discourse and universal consent. In societies where torture is morally permissible, there is always the threat to moral values, and no value, however small, can be said to be secure within such a sphere. Moral discourse and torture are not mutually exclusive. Torture or any act which involves treating an individual as a mere means is absolutely wrong and cannot be justified morally.
No form of punishment can be exclud...

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