Moral Relativism Essay

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Worldwide societies differ in what they believe to be right and wrong. Moral relativism is the idea that moral principles are relative to one culture or society and independent of others, according to this practice there is no universal moral standard. This moral belief is widely rejected and is seen as unfit in today’s worldwide society. One way which moral relativism can be useful in today’s society is when comparing our society to yesterday’s. The underlying idea of time is what most influences our relative beliefs of morality. This supports the thought that moral values are never absolute. As time progresses we are inclined to view the past with scrutiny and adjust moral compasses accordingly. The basic principle of relativism is at first appealing. The…show more content…
Even in a small society the individual beliefs of members may differ, but are subjected to the moral beliefs of the majority. With moral relativism individuals are too likely to disobey with the laws or morals of the society they belong too…show more content…
Different societies have different moral beliefs. To say one is right over another is hard, but as a global society we have come to a general understanding of what can be tolerated, and justified morally. When viewing different societies it is difficult not to pass judgment on ethical views that are not shared and that is one of the key dilemmas with moral relativism. The societal separator of time allows a culture to progress while viewing the past with scrutiny, because the only influence a society has on time is in the future. By changing the actions of the past, a society can advance relatively to itself. As time changes so do the moral beliefs of a society, so no moral concepts are certainly

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