Moral Principles Of Prostitution

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Moral principle is a principle of what is right or wrong that is accepted by social group. Gender equality, sexual morality in marriage and human autonomy are three basic factors in moral principle which are promoted in society. Adult prostitution is an immoral and impermissible industry because prostitution degrades sellers’ self-worth, it leads to prostitutes will be regarded as a piece of merchandise, this prejudice will contribute to a gender inequality in society, prostitution deteriorates the loyalty for sexual relation in marriage and human trafficking is a potential danger which deteriorates sellers’ capacities to be themselves. Prostitution, I can call it sex trade. In this trade, the “object” in the trade is not service, it is…show more content…
Actually, prostitution is not a single form of sex trade in the society. In a company, men can use their authority to promise female’s promotion in order to have sex with her is similar with prostitution. Although there is no money used in this kind of transaction, men get pleasure and women receive benefit. In prostitution, women’s benefit is money, in other circumstances, women’s benefit would be a promotion or an opportunity for doing something. The common feature is that men think if they can provide enough benefit to women, they can get their bodies. However, this kind of sex trade is not defined as prostitution legally, I think the reason is that it is too difficult for government to monitor and eradicate these activities, so I want to call this kind of sex trade is “underground” sex trade. Under the influence of prostitution, men believe that it is reasonable and logical for men to control females’ sexual rights if one man is wealthy or powerful, because women are subordinate and they are attracted by the benefit that men can provide. Various forms of sex trades, sex harassments and violence towards women are related to prostitution’s influence, in this case, prostitution deteriorates gender
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