Moral Philosophy and Moral Reasoning Applied to a Home Care Nursing Company

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World wide, annually over a 100,000 women will give birth to a child that is born with some form of disability. In 1986 a home health care company by the name of ABS Homecare was created by a young entrepreneur that understood the overwhelming demand of home health care staffing. Home care nursing is a very profitable business as ABS Home care may receive fifty dollars an hour by the patient or caregivers insurance company, but only pay the nurse fifteen dollars an hour to care for a patient. The agency supplies and staffs the nurses to take care of patients with a long-term disease or illness that would normally deem them to be institutionalized. Most patients that are institutionalized have a very short life span because they are constantly battling infections they get from being in a hospital environment. ABS Home Care hires young college graduates that have no medical background to recruit, hire, and schedule nurses into a patient’s home, and they call them schedulers. The schedulers work long hours under high stress conditions and there have been many reports and accusations that the majority of the schedulers that work for ABS Home Care nursing company are heavy drinkers and have been known to use illegal drugs. The conditions for which a nurse can work in a home care environment legally are; two years of nursing experience, a clean back ground check, and be a certified Licensed Vocational Nurses or Registered nurses. If the nurse is working with a vent dependent patient (another known as life support) they must be certified and ventilator trained. Most of the nurses that take a job with a home care agency use that job as secondary income. Many of the nurses may work a twelve hour shift in a hospital as a primary job the... ... middle of paper ... ...hical business. They are all about profit and can care less about the patient’s. If you, are someone you know, has a family member that needs home care and find out they are being neglected or abused by the agency or nurse you have a moral obligation to do something about it. The best way to report situations is to call, write, and, email the State Board of Vocational Nursing. You would also want to call, write and email the California Department of Health Services. The recommendations that I have is for this company that needs to no longer be in business would be to under go a Federal and State investigation. We have the right to speak up and take a stand for thousands of American children that are neglected by this agency and there staff everyday. Righteous Justice will prevail with faith, prayer, and hope.

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