Moral Objectivism

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I would consider myself a Moral Objectivist. I would consider my self a objectivist for many reason, For example Moral Relativism defines that an all beliefs and customs and ethics are relative to an individuals within his or her own social context.
First, Moral Objectivism implies that what is wrong or right does not necessarily depend on what an individual thinks is right or wrong( ). To many people they think that “ Different cultures have different moral codes”(). To many that’s the key understanding to morality, However in ethics some say it is in actuality a myth. The difference between right or wrong is strictly a matter of human opinion not culture. There are many probable reasons why most people view moral decisions objectively. For Example, When talking about cultural differences there are many fundamental ideas such as “Different cultures have different moral codes“. Many also argue that there is no objective “Truth” in morality, right and wrong are only matters of an opinion which is different from culture to culture().
Second, The Cultural Relativism Theory views that all beliefs and customs are relative to the individual within his or her own social context, The theory is about the nature of morality(). For example, It was believed that the Greeks thought it was wrong to eat the dead, However the Callatians believed it was okay to eat the dead. In that case no one can really judge the Greeks or the Callatians it is not right nor is it wrong to eat the dead that is matter of opinion(). These distinct arguments are examples of one fundamental idea(). There is no objective truth and it is a simple point of logic we all live in different socities and we all have different cultural backgrounds. When one culture ...

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...other customs or beliefs based on what is morally right or wrong because there is no correct answer and we have to think of what we as individuals think is right or wrong based on our opinions but on our social standings. We need to keep and open mind at all times and not be to quick to judged others or otherwise it would be cause us to become very judgmental toward others because we have been taught to accept what is acceptable and reject what is unacceptable in our society(). Cultural Relativism displays the prejudices of our society Our feelings may not always tell us the truth that is why we need to be more open about discovering what the truth is not matter what it can be(). We need to avoid all ignorance at all costs and be respectful of one another at all times. And you do not need to accept the theory to accept these rules that we must obey and respect.
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