Moral Explanations Of A Crime

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Demonological or also known as spiritual explanations of a crime use other worldly powers, religious beliefs, and supernatural powers to explain why someone committed a crime. Such explanations can be used to explain the behavior of Tiequon Cox who with his gang members murdered four people in the morning on a Friday August 31, 1984. Cox is described very often as an evil, and a monster at the same time. His behavior to innocent people seems like something that a person from hell would only commit. They have to ask a question “How would someone commit such a violent crime?”. People who can not find a normal, psychological explanation for a crime, tend to use demonological explanation to give them the feeling of understanding or even a closure. Killing people with a cold blood, shooting kids in the head, and starting random fights in the prison which leave people dead, were the tools used by Cox to make himself look like badass, evil, and a monster. In the same way how Charlie Manson was trying to make himself look like pure evil, Tiequon Cox made himself into looking as evil as possible. His emotionless appearance, and body build like a mountain of muscles can contribute to believe that he is form hell. Through out the book by Kermit Alexander we can find a lot of references that tie to the demonological theory. Horace Burns who is the other convicted killer that assisted Cox with the murder, stated while in custody that he wants to take his own life, but he is scared of hell so he wont do it. Being religious in my opinion shapes people in one way or another. Growing up with strong spirituality, and being taught values that religion can teach us, help to fight the urges that are so hard to resist. An example of that can be Ker... ... middle of paper ... ...iolent behavior is seen as normal to him. Cox while in jail was described by one of his inmates as a depressed guy that hid behind the mask of a tough guy. Tiequon once placed in jail all he wanted to do was just to work out and build his muscles so he look like someone who nobody would mess with. When reading the description of Cox one can easily come to conclusion that his biological, and physical traits match the traits of the criminal. When body builders usually do it to look better, to be in better condition, and to look attractive. To Cox body building in prison was something to make him look more dangerous. He was a mountain of muscles that was ready to kill anytime. When in prison he would spend time standing in his cell and just observe the people walking by without moving his head like he was expecting to harm someone, or that someone would do harm to him.
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