Moral Development Of Adolescence

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Adolescence is the development of children ages twelve through eighteen years old. Adolescence is usually referred to as the years from puberty to adulthood. Puberty is known as the biological changes of adolescence. During adolescence, children are expected to meet certain physical and mental milestone. There are three stages of adolescence, early adolescence is ages eleven to fourteen, middle adolescence are ages fifteen to seventeen, and late adolescence are ages eighteen to twenty-one. Adolescence is a fundamental stage of an individual’s development to form one’s own identity and also to prepare for adulthood. Tyrese is fifteen years old, therefore he is considered a middle adolescence. During this stage, certain attitudes, behaviors, and physical milestones tend to alter. According to Jean Paiget, formal operations is a stage of…show more content…
Lawrence Kohlberg describes conventional morality as an individual thinking less about punishment and rewards, and thinking more about being a good person. Tyrese is in the conventional morality stage. He is overall a good kid. He gets good grades and he is also a good decision maker. Tyrese rarely gets in trouble and corrects himself if he does so. He often gets good reports from is teachers saying that he is a good role model and that the other kids look up to him. Tyrese is on track with his moral development. James Fowlers describes spiritual development in adolescents as Synthetic-conventional stage, where people believe in certain things without actually examining their beliefs. The beliefs are what’s taught and what ones used to. Tyrese believes in God and is a Christian. He often prays to God before bed, when in need of blessings, and when he receives blessings. Tyrese has recently joined Eastern Star Baptist Church and is planning to get baptized within the next months. Tyrese is on track with his spiritual development for his

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