Moral Decisions : Being Good

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Throughout life, people are faced with moral decisions that will impact not only themselves but also, the people they surround themselves with. One of these moral decisions people encounter daily is truthfulness in their actions and words. In Blackburn’s novel, “Being Good”, he states “It is not easy to find a stable attitude to the stringency of the prohibition of lying.” I agree with his quote because everyone tends to lie no matter the magnitude of the lie, in order to protect themselves and the people they care about. Although Blackburn believes it is only ethical to lie on occasion, German philosopher, Immanuel Kant affirms that lying is always morally wrong, no matter what the situation is. Though lying can be seen as a deplorable action, it is a necessary function of human interaction and without it, society would not be able to function as it does today. Philosopher, Simon Blackburn concludes that lies are “told in the service of a greater truth”. In order to assure the safety of yourself and the people you care about, lying becomes a crucial alternative. He also states “peo...
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