Moral And Moral Development Essay

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Influences on Moral and Ethical Development
Moral sensitivity plays a vast part in my influences on moral and ethical growth. Moral sensitivity shows me how my beliefs can affect some other person. It also exhibits my decision making skill on what is best for my client. Research states that “Moral Sensitivity (moral awareness), as described by Rest (1994), refers to an individual’s ability to recognize that a situation contains a moral issue” (Holmes & Lincoln, 2011, P.57). Having the ability as a counselor to pinpoint that there is a moral issue requires the realization that your activity can be harmful or beneficial for the client. This helps you to realize that your moral outlook contains some truth to it. Also, I learned that you should never want to do anything to harm your client and be sensitive to their needs. Moral sensitivity protects the well-being of an entire society. Keeping our emotions together while performing our jobs shows that we know how to behave in an ethical manner. It shows not only that we can pinpoint a problem, but we are fully aware of all the ethical results that go along with it. Your client is entering a relationship with you, with the hope of trusting you with the information they are telling you. As a counselor, you are supposed to be patient, responding to their needs, and establishing a moral motivation towards their recovery. The client is not always going to make rational decisions, and the counselor is there to intervene within the process.
Moral motivation gives me the opportunity to do what is right according to the state laws in which I practice. My goal is to help people with life changing decisions. Research also states that “Moral motivation (moral intention) refers to the intention...

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...t to exhibit ethical sensitivity by actively listening, accepting responsibility for our actions, and putting ourselves in the client’s shoes (Herlihy & Remley, 2014).
Values Reexamined in Course
There are many values that I examined in this course. As a future mental health counselor, I accept and value all that I have absorbed to make my future career a reality. Most importantly, I have learned to do what is ethically right when it comes to obeying all state laws. The responsibility of a counselor is to gain an understanding of their client background and develop a strong counselor-patient relationship. I have reexamined that making choices that are appropriate and not jeopardize losing my license as a result of not being responsible for my client. Overall, the information learned in this course will forever imprint in my passion as a mental health professional.
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