Monsanto Pros And Cons

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There has been an ongoing debate about the use of GMOs in the food we eat since the late 1900’s. People try to decide what is best for the body, but never know what they are feeding themselves even after reading the nutritional labels. Whether eating at a local fast food joint or a high-end restaurant, people are unaware of where their food is actually coming from and the process it takes to their plate. Little do they know that in the beginning stages of what they eat, there is some modification to the crop. Monsanto is an agribusiness focused on the growth of crops involving GMOs. Produced by Monsanto, many genetically modified crops go into several foods that people eat. A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism that uses genes
In one case, South Korea requested that Monsanto pay a part of the sixty million dollars they sued for. The money would go towards medical bills for Vietnam War veterans who fell ill after Agent Orange. Monsanto developed Agent Orange, a poisonous chemical compound, during the Vietnam War. It was part of an herbicidal warfare program used to combat the enemies. In the early 2000’s, veterans fell ill and became hospitalized. They believe that the chemicals used during Agent Orange caused their infections. In defense, Monsanto claimed that there was no direct relation between, “Agent Orange and any serious human illness” (Chang). People should be able to see the dangerous possibilities that Monsanto presents on agriculture. They have the potential to develop dangerous chemicals, and deny allegations if possible. They also have little to no concern for the well-being of people. The main goal for Monsanto is to make money like any other large company. Most people are ignorant to what Monsanto is doing to the food we eat, and what they would try to hide from the public. Monsanto was also involved in a case with a small farmer that made a partnership with them. Monsanto’s claim was that the farmer began illegally using their products. Monsanto signed a deal with a farmer to use his land to grow and sell their crops. The deal forbade the farmer from, “saving seeds from that crop and replanting them” along with his (“Monsanto Takes…”). Monsanto grows sugar beets, soy, and corn using the genetically modified seeds and Roundup Ready they produce. They use their product Roundup Ready as a way to help control the growth of crops before selling them to customers. From the making of seeds, to the soil used, these crops are exposed to several chemicals that go into the food we eat. The farmer planted seeds with the Roundup Ready and some

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