Monsanto Case Analysis

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Monsanto, one of the largest agriculture and chemical biotechnology companies in the United States, has become one of the most despised companies in the world. As a company dealing with agriculture and chemicals, it is almost impossible to not have people criticizing what you do as a company. Due to this, the ethics of the company’s products as well as actions will constantly be under watch. Monsanto is no stranger to this concept.
As a company which is consistently in the public eye, Monsanto needs to ethically create and distribute its products to the consumers, as well implement a code of ethics which the company follows. This should be done in way which allows the company to become as transparent as possible. Monsanto also needs to begin R&D for products which combat all of the criticism they are currently receiving. This includes the health effects of their products for animals and humans, as well as creating diverse products for different regions in the world.
On top of creating a product which is considered questionable by many, Monsanto is a company which is constantly watched and scrutinized. This being said, Monsanto should not risk do anything that would cause them to have legal and ethical problems. This includes not cutting corners, not taking bribes, and not falsifying any aspect of their company. As stated in the case, “Although Monsanto has not been immune to scandals; it has been willing to work with authorities to correct them.” This shows that Monsanto recognizes that as a company, they acknowledge that they have made mistakes in the past and in order to prevent them from occurring in the future there should be protocols on how to handle the situations. This should be done by creating a code of eth...

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...g for the future in the present, Monsanto will be able to gain an advantage over other companies which are only focused on the present. This means that the seeds which are created need to combat drought, pests, flooding, etc. It is better to be overly prepared for the future rather than rushing to catch up with competition.
Overall, Monsanto is a company which it trying to provide a sustainable future for themselves. Due to this, the company is cutting corners and taking risks in all of the wrong ways. Monsanto should keep in mind that in order to succeed in the future, they need to pave the path for success now. This includes successfully implementing their triple bottom line to the fullest in the most ethical manner. If this can be done, then Monsanto will continue to be the largest agricultural and chemical biotechnology companies in the United States.
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