Monotheism And The Trinity Essay

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Around the time after Jesus’ resurrection, Christians were confused and they needed answers. Jesus was just arisen from the dead. The Church now had Jesus and God to look to, but who was the leader of it all? Who were they to worship? Where does the Spirit fit into all of this? After many questions, they looked to Scripture. Christians have had the belief of Monotheism and that there is One God. Yet, it wasn’t until the Church looked to Scripture that they pieced together what is now known as the Holy Trinity. The Church found their foundational text in Deuteronomy 6:4-9, known as the Shema. These verses are about Israel worshipping God, repeatedly saying “the LORD alone”. Israel had faced many struggles, from slavery to years and years of…show more content…
Growing up, I was always taught to use a soft pretzel to symbolize the Trinity. The dough is all rolled in one giant, long string. This symbolized the inseparable nature of the Trinity. Next, the dough was twisted to make distinct loops, all in the same pretzel, but having their own sections. This implied how God is the whole pretzel, and the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are their own loops working divinely. But, it is still the whole pretzel. The crossing of the pretzel dough signifies how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit work together, and overlap in their divine work. Now, the baking of the pretzel symbolizes the person, and their walk with God. Some pretzels take longer to cook than others, representing a human lifespan. Some pretzels come out with breaks in the cooked dough, signifying some hardship or times of tribulation and doubt. But, overall the pretzel will eventually be ready to eat, symbolizing death. And as long as the pretzel is not burnt (symbolizing a lost soul and Hell), it can fulfill its ultimate purpose, representing our joining of the army of God. Another great example of the Trinity is Athaniusus’ psychological analogy. He suggests that human beings are the only creation that can reflect God because we were made in His image. He uses the concepts of memory, understanding, and free will in humans as an analogy to the Trinity. One person has all three of those distinct parts and they all work