Monkey Love Nature Vs Nurture

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Many will agree that ones behavior is based on a combination of nature and nurture, however time and time again we see nurture plays a larger role then nature when it comes to how one acts. If we look at The boys from The lord of the flies, as well as when we read monkey love, we see how their environment had such a huge impact on them first with how the boys turned from being responsible, and even coming up with a form of social structure, then ultimately turning completely savage based on following primarily one individual. Secondly Harlow and how he grew up unattached to his mother, and how it played such a huge role in his controversial experiment. Finally we will take a look at Bill Clement, a former NHL player, and how he links success to the act of nurture. In The…show more content…
nurture, because his parents raised him. So what was caused by genetics and what was caused by their actions could be argued. Though I still believe that due to the fact he was not close to his mother. It talked of the possibility that Harlow suffered from depression. “Or maybe it was in the distance between his mother and him; he must have longed for something soothing.” (Slater, 133) and the connection of his experiment suggests exactly that, comfort from his mother. The fact that he went to such extremes “to show that infant monkeys care more for a soft surrogate mother then a metal milk-bearing one, and with this finding, a whole science of touch was born.” (Slater 132) It wasn’t the fact that Harlow studied this that was so alarming it was more about how he went about the experiment, which was controversial, ripping young monkeys from their mothers causing them to bite themselves and rock, showing signs of autistic behavior. Showing now that even though the cloth monkey was better then the wire-feeding monkey they needed more, they needed interaction such as rocking or

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