Monkey King

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It was nearing nine that night and the party was still underway. Now the place were in a multitude of colors. Bright green, red, yellow, blue lit up the area. No one has gone home yet. Those that were tired went into large tents that had comfortable couches and lounges to rest on. However, the main couple was missing and only a few noticed. “Hmm, I certainly hope Atobe enjoys his present.” Fuji smiled wickedly, nibbling on a stick of dango while sitting back on the couch next to Tezuka. Yukimura raised a brow over at him. “Oh?” That wicked smile widened,and he leaned over to whisper in Yukimura's ear, whose eyes had widened briefly and a blush appeared on his cheeks, before he too grinned. Wickedly. Sanada, reclining in one of the chairs, jerked up in alert at that. “Oh yes, Atobe is certainly very lucky. I wonder if Genichirou would want something like that too,” he commented, a lustful look in his eyes as he glanced at Sanada, who was now looking like a deer caught in headlights. Fuji once again grinned, white teeth gleaming, a look of pure satisfaction on his face. “Kunimitsu did, didn't you, love?” Tezuka lips curved. Oh yes he did. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx At an expensive hotel, in a large lavish room, sitting on a large king size bed was Keigo, hair still wet from the shower he took. Alone. He did not want to take a shower alone. He wanted to take it with Ryoma and do naughty things while taking a shower with Ryoma. However, Ryoma was insistent that they showered separately. Keigo fingered the sheet beneath him and wondered if this was an after effect because of what happened to Ryoma. He gripped the sheet now. Maybe it was too soon for them to be intimate in that way? H... ... middle of paper ... ...t movement, he yanked Ryoma by the wrist and pushed down on the bed. He lay halfway over Ryoma, popped up by his elbows. Ryoma wanted an answer. He had taken a very long time in the bathroom, getting showered, then ready, just for this. He even used this cream to remove hair from his legs and... other parts. He was bare as a baby. He can't believe he let Fuji talked him into getting this kimono and using that wipe off cream. But the look on Keigo's face when he had opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom had made it all worthwhile. Until the bastard laughed. “Why did you laugh, Monkey King?” Keigo nuzzled his face into the crook of Ryoma's neck, breathing in, ingraining Ryoma's scent into his memory. At the question, the puckered face of Ryoma appeared in his head and Keigo chuckled, the vibration sending a delicious tremor through Ryoma.

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