Monitoring a Child's Temperature

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In adherence with the NMC (2008) consent has been obtained from all individuals involved and information will be under strict confidentiality. A qualified mentor supervised all patient procedures and the individuals concerned were made aware I was a nursing student, as per the ‘Guidance for Students’ of NMC code.

This essay is to demonstrate my understanding of a fundamental nursing skill of which I have gained experience of during clinical placement on an acute paediatric ward. Of the many skills required of a child nurse the monitoring and recording of a child’s temperature is a skill where accurate record keeping is evidentially important. The British Journal of Nursing has advised us of the clinical and legal significance of record keeping and the linked improvements in patient care. The following piece is the documented processes of caring for a child with a fever in hospital up until their discharge home.


Within a 12 hour period I have monitored a child under 5 years old, admitted to hospital with a fever following a febrile convulsion at home. The child and parents were taken to a cubicle where supervised by my mentor, I proceeded to gain a set of baseline observations by recording the child’s vital signs. Baseline observations are defined as being the ‘Information or data gathered at the beginning of a period from which variations that subsequently develop are compared’ (Medicine Net).

Vital Signs are defined as the temperature, pulse of heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and capillary refill time of a person. These signs enable the assessment of the level of functioning of a person (Surgery of Encyclopaedia). The recording of vital signs must be accurate and clear, it is a fundamental aspec...

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... their home environment. There was no longer a need for the child to be in hospital and it was agreed the care could be managed at home.

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