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To a good number of people, money is their personal king, their ruler, their everything. Money is their motivation, and their ambition revolves entirely around it. They are entranced by its brightness, dazzled by its brilliance. Such people can be found in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby, in which money plays a central role and is the driving force behind many significant events. Money is James Gatz’s source of inspiration to transform himself. Before he becomes Jay Gatsby, he is an ambitious young man who despises his poor background, instead wishing to be in “opulent surroundings” (Wasserman 139). He dreams of being someone with high social rankings who is surrounded by the rich. His encounter with Dan Cody is the first …show more content…

The first time she makes an appearance is in the “unprosperous and bare” setting that is her husband’s garage (29). Her walking straight towards Tom Buchanan and ignoring her husband (30) symbolizes what she is doing in her marriage: shunning moneyless George Wilson in favor of well-to-do Tom. It is obvious that she is not a woman of wealth; however, that is exactly what she wants to be. In order to be an elite, she “must cross a vast social divide to reach the territory of the upper class” (Donaldson 192). In addition, Myrtle likely acquires knowledge of the rich and famous from Town Tattle (Little 12). Through the magazine, she is presented with a glorified version of money, a glossed over image of elegant parties with women in fashionable dresses. She tries to emulate this image at her party by changing into a dress and exuding contempt (35), “pitifully [attempting] to put on airs” (Little 192). She later blatantly reveals her disdain for her lack of money through her complaint about her husband’s borrowed suit, saying that she “lay down and cried to beat the band all afternoon” after returning her husband’s suit to its owner (39). However, it is her death that money impacts the most. When she dies, she is running towards Gatsby’s car. Gatsby informs Nick that “it [seems] that she… [thinks] we were somebody she [knows]” (151). Given that, she is running towards Tom, the person she believes would …show more content…

Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, money is an intense presence in many characters’ lives. Many of them, like Gatsby and Myrtle, are so engrossed in it that they are completely consumed by it, to the point where it causes their end. Money becomes the reason for their actions, the ultimate justification for all their wrongdoings, and the basis for their lives. Money displays its charm, and they readily extend their hands to reach for it, blind to the fangs that lurk

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  • Analyzes how money is the driving force behind many significant events in f. scott fitzgerald's novel the great gatsby.
  • Analyzes how money is james gatz's source of inspiration to transform himself. he despises his poor background, instead wishing to be in "opulent surroundings."
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