Money Funding Fine Arts Programs

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Sports or arts, what is more important to more students? If you ask them, the answers will vary depending on the individual, but it will sway more towards athletics. Fine arts programs are taking up too much of the budget given to high schools by the state. This problem is affecting the majority of public schools in the nation. There are far more benefits to funding the athletic programs than arts programs at high schools. Some of the money funding fine arts programs at high schools should be given to the athletic department because it promotes student involvement and increases school spirit. Sports promote student involvement. It is very beneficial to schools when a majority of students are involved. Fine arts are good for those involved, but there are not that many students interested when compared to the number interested in athletics. A reason for this low number of students involved in fine arts is because typically students do not take the arts seriously. Students participating in theatre or band are often outcasts who are made fun of. Just think of High School Musical. The main character in the movie, Troy, loves to sing, but is unwilling to admit it because he believes it will ruin his reputation. Once his friends find out, they are shocked and almost repulsed, Now not saying that High School Musical’s East High is identical to every other high school in the United States, but it parallels some of the common themes in our schools today. Students uninvolved in the arts do not respect the arts or think they are valuable to them. They do not realize that the arts are used in the movies they watch and the songs they listen to. Students with interest in the arts will often choose to stay involved to save them the social embarra... ... middle of paper ... ...he public school system at a lower level of excellence. It was already common knowledge that a student would not receive a top level of arts training at a public school, and making these budget cuts would not make it any different. Even Mark Ravenhill (2010), playwright and author, believed that there needs to budget cuts in fine arts programs. He thought that the cost of marketing fine arts events was taking up too much money. This is a very valid point. Marketing is highly expensive, and could easily be reduced. This solution does not mean that we need to cut the fine arts department from high schools, it simply means that its funds should go elsewhere. The most profitable place for this money to go would be to the athletic department. This would allow more students to be involved in extracurriculars, and display their school spirit cheering for their school’s team.

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