Money Bring You Happiness Essay

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In today 's world, people are struggling to find happiness. From the people with most money to those who are struggling make end meet, everyone is on this quest to be happy. For some people, it could be playing basketball or going out drive to make them happy. Each people have the own thing to make them such as money. People think money can bring them happiness, but it can but its how you used it. The essay A Balanced Psychology and a Full Life and If money doesn 't make you happy, then you probably aren 't spending it right has the same ideas of pleasure, engagement, and meaning. A scientist has shown that money can bring you happiness however you must know how it used it. The very first principle in the If money doesn 't make you happy, then you probably aren 't spending it right article said that buy experience instead of things. This is the idea of pleasure with how that experience will be with them forever. People…show more content…
We look up to people who have money as being successful. We seek to be near them in case some will rub off on us. We try to ingratiate ourselves to them in the hope that they will give us some of their wealth. Being around people with money allows us to indirectly live the lifestyle. These people with money are basically buying your friends. This gives people with money meaning by knowing that can get whatever they want with their money.
Doing things with friends or family, even if it’s not as exciting, makes you happy because it fosters a sense of togetherness and connection between you and other people. Spending money with family or friends can create memories and when you are with the people you care about great things happens. When you shopping with your love ones everyone has a job to do or a responsibly. Knowing that people want to be seen out and gives your life meaning. Also, if you have money you are not stressing about if have enough to buy
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