Monet's Influences Of The Art Of Claude Manet And His Art

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Edouard Manet was a French painter whose work inspired the impressionist style. His art was due to his portrayal of everyday subject matter. Manet’s principal influences of his art were that of Frans Hals and Diego Velazquez. Manet began painting everyday subjects. He used bold brush techniques while painting his subjects. His painting Le dejeuner sur l’herbe in 1863 drew a lot of attention. Manet did not gain recognition until late in life, when his portraits became much sought after.
Manet preferred to paint the people and places he knew best. His first and second wife frequently served as models. Manet preferred to paint from life. He wanted his model in front of him. He had to achieve this by painting rather quickly so he chose to use the right colors the first time. Manet painted in patches of color to make sharper contrasts. He used a technique called “Tachism” (Tache means “spot” or “blot” in French).
Claude Monet was born in Paris France and then moved to Le Havre. Monet developed a reputation as a charcoal impressionist. The whole French Impressionist movement is names after a painting by Monet called “Impression, Sunrise.” Monet had served in the army for two years when he had to leave, so he pursued his career in art. Monet was also an impressionist artist. He became increasingly more popular as an artist. Monet painted a series of weeping willows to commemorate the many Frenchman who died in World War I. Monet was also a very wealthy man, he was obsessed with money and spending money. Monet was introduced to outdoor painting by Boudin which became the touchstone for his life’s work. Impre...

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...if the people where alive. Manet chose to use people in his painting and Monet chose landscape for his paintings.
Edouard Manet was not the very first Modern artist. Claude Monet is said to be the "Father of Modern Art" since he was the first to officially launch the Impressionist movement in 1872. Edouard Manet started off as a Realist, and did convert to Impressionism later on. In my opinion the revolutionized art because of their style of painting. They chose to use a different style of brushstroke and colors.
The impact of both painters was big, but Monet had more of an impact. His Impression, Sunrise was the first painting to develop impressionism. Manet’s work became what was later to be known as modernism. Manet’s work shocked the world with some of his scandals paintings. So to me they are both equally important and had a huge impact on art today.
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