Monatg's Characterization in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

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In Fahrenheit 451, many events relate back to events that have occurred in history. It helps bring the message that Bradbury is trying to bring across. The story helps discourage censorship and the use of too much technology. It encourages intelligence, as the firemen are burning books and diminishing the remains of intelligent life on earth. There is a ton of symbolism in the book, to help pinpoint what the book means and the goals of the author. One example is that 451º is the temperature in which they burn the books. The story relates to the book burnings and the censorship of the modern era as the author wants to warn readers about technology taking over society and the issues dealing with censorship in the future.

In Fahrenheit 451, the government clearly doesn’t want people doing certain things, for certain reasons. That’s why the Nazis burned books, and Joseph McCarthy got tons of people to go against actors and people who he thought were communists. It says on page 63, “‘My uncle says that the architects got rid of front porches because they didn’t look wel...

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