Mona Lisa Essay

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The mysterious smile of the painting Mona Lisa and her tenderness directly carry my imagination to the Renaissance era. Before the Renaissance liberated the thought of the public, most artworks focused to eulogize the holiness of God. The Renaissance successfully freed people from the shackles of theology and affirmed the value of human beings. Mona Lisa represented the highest art level of the Renaissance and became an important legacy for later generations to feel the spirit of the Renaissance. In this paper, I argue that Mona Lisa was a representative artwork of the humanism spirit of the Renaissance. The artist Da Vinci who created Mona Lisa managed to express the charm of human beings with delicate brushwork, exquisite expressions and…show more content…
Her expressions were revised many times to refine her smile and expressions that conveyed a sense of serenity and elegant. The outfit of Mona Lisa was also simple but elegant. Her posture was dignified as well. Compared to earlier artworks in the Middle Age, most characters including God are portrayed with a serious expression. The enjoyment of life was considered a violation of the preachment of God. With the development of capitalism in the city Da Vinci, living standards improved greatly and the needs of human beings were for the first time in history…show more content…
During 14th and 15th century artists still worked under the guild system: to study art, younger students would become apprentices to accomplished artists and like any other occupation from blacksmithing and cooking, paining is nothing too respected by the society. Paintings didn’t give much space for artists to apply their imaginations and express their feelings. Instead, artists should painted artworks according to the special requirements of their patrons. However, during the Da Vinci’s age, the status of artists began to change as the Renaissance expanded its influence. The revival of artist encouraged people, especially artists to shed the restraint of theocracy and pursue humanism. What’s more, the city Florence Da Vinci lived in was the main platform for Renaissance. The increasingly free politics and democratic social context also fused energy into the creation of artworks. As it can be seen, the portrait of Mona Lisa glorifies the image of human beings and no longer like the serious picture of God, the main character of the painting is a worldly
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