Moms who Kill by Mark Levy

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Moms who Kill

The artical I read was called Moms who Kill by Mark Levy. I found the artical on In the artical it discusses how common and how dangerous postpartum depression really is.
Up to 80 percent of new mothers experience some kind of depresson up to one year after giving birth. Known to most as the "Baby Blues" a mild depression that if continues can be come something much more powerful and even more dangerous. In some women they may experience psychosis, where in some cases they try to kill their children.
Contrary to enormous amounts of research, there is still no medical report on what causes the disorder or how it can be treated. "Having grown up expecting mother hood to be one of the best times of your life, many women suffer alone, feeling miserable, but unaware that postpartum mood disorder has a name." Karen Klieman, M.S.W., founder and director of the Postpartum Stress Center in Philadelphia.
The baby blues are common to new mothers due to the lack of sleep, the babys crying and the shock of motherhood. It's not awful for a mother to feel irritable, overwhelmed and a lot of the time tearful. These feeling begin to show three or four days after birth, but should only last a few weeks. If the blues last for more the two weeks, then she may be experiencing (PPD) which is postpartum depression. The symptoms of PPD are feelings of despondency, inadequacy as a mother, impaired concentration, or memory loss.
Some women such as Jennifer Moyer become overwhelmed with fear for the baby. In the beginning after Moyer gave birth to her son she felt irritable and experiencing difficulty sleeping. After her six week check up was when things really fell apart for Moyer.
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