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In our discussion in class, Jean Baptiste Poquelin, also known as Moliere, is introduced as one of “The Dramatists” along with Pierre Corneille and Jean Baptiste Racine. Born on the 15th of January 1622 and died on February 17, 1673 due to lung complication because of hypochondria. He is known to be humorous and his satire. In 1643, Moliere and actress Madeleine Bejart joined the Illustre Theatre. After two years, their troupe collapsed and Moliere was put to jail because of debt. Luckily, in 1658 Moliere returned after some time of being gone and his troupe went back to Paris. A French movie was created in honor of Moliere. The movie is about an actor and playwright Moliere who is considered as one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western Literature. Moliere is imprisoned after failing to pay debt but then released after two strangers bailed him out. That was the time when Moliere suddenly disappeared there were a lot of speculations on what happened to him but then Moliere finds someone who can help him, Jourdain. Moliere enters Jourdain’s home as a priest to tutor Jourdain’s youngest daughter. Jourdain is a wealthy man married to Elmire. However, Jourdain falls in love with Celimene who is a widow. Jourdain wants to write a play for Celimene to confess his love for the gorgeous lady. He needs someone to polish his work and an actor coach, Moliere accepts the job who is clothed as a religious person, Monsieur Tartuffe. Soon enough, Moliere realizes that Jourdain’s talent exists only in his imagination competing for the love of Celimene against Dorante, who attaches himself to Jourdain for money. 17th century French Literature is most of the time liken with Classicism alongside with King Louis XIV’s period. In relation to t... ... middle of paper ... ...Jansen for Jansenism –people are already redestined, whether they go hell or heaven which made him reprimand by the Jesuits. It is also part of the trend in the French culture that a typical French man chooses the conservation of emotions and reactions. Also, typical French thinks first before acting he considers sensibility first. Unlike Jourdain, he was too excited to do things even though he knows he cannot do it. He tends to try stuff even if it is beyond his control which makes it contrary to what a gentleman is. Another difference between the discussion and the movie is that France was united under the banner of Christianity –Charlemagne however Elmire mentioned to Mr. Tartuffe that church people are pretentious and in real life Moliere actually attacked the church. The said “unification” is somewhat not absolute because issues were raised against the church.

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