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The film Moliere is a period drama with a hint of comedy. It was released last 2007 and it was written by Laurent Tirard and Grégoire Vigneron. The director of the film was also Laurent Tirard. The scenery of the film is very true to its place for the filming was done in France itself in Yvelines, Sarthe, Yonne, Oise and Paris. However, the beautiful scenery was not very authentic for 17th century France. The different chateaux used for M. Jourdain was very bright, flashy and novel contrary to 17th century’s estate that is more dull and dark in color. The furniture and fixture used were modern reproductions and does not appeal to be antique or what they would have at that time. The costumes used for the film does not come from 17th century for the actors wears brighter colored dresses and lighter fabrics as compared to the richly embroidered and trimmed garments, and heavily accented clothing that were used by the people in 17th century . The men in the film also lack accent in the bottom parts of their costumes contrary to 17th century men who has more detailed pants and socks that has intricate and heavy embroidery. Also the shoes of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin or more commonly known as Moliere—which was played actor Romain Duris—were plain and simple as to the more complicated heeled-boots that were used by men from that said century. Lastly, according to Jayne (n.d.), “Tirard admits that the costumes are made from non-period looking fabric since the actual dark/dull colors of the time wouldn’t have translated well to modern audiences.” The soundtracks or music used in the film are almost like the 17th century music—lush and rich melodies and are based on 17th century tunes. Although the instruments used were harpsichords and harps... ... middle of paper ... ... Imaginary Invalid and Tartuffe. Works Cited Jayne, S. (n.d.). Friday film review: Moliere. Dear author. Retrieved February 4, 2014, from Lambert, T. (n.d.). Women in the 17th century. A world history encyclopedia. Retrieved February 2, 2014, from Price, L. (2013). Moliere and 17th Century french theatre. Theatrefolk. Retrieved February 4, 2014, from Werlin, K. (2013). Classifying the 17th century: Part 1. The fashion historian. Retrieved February 4, 2014, from Celimene from Moliere (2007). (n.d.). IMDb. Retrieved February 4, 2014, from

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