Molecular Diagnostics Advantages And Disadvantages

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Chandni Shiwbodh
Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular Diagnostics is defined as tests which identify certain patterns in both RNA and DNA. These tests are able to identify RNA, genes, and protein sequences which play a role in diseases. These sequences may be linked to diseases which include nucleotide polymorphism, deletions, rearrangements, and many more. Molecular Diagnostics is also able to identify and multiply the presence of certain microorganisms and cells. Molecular Diagnostics provides a great amount of clinical information. For example, hereditary disorders to specific drug therapies or hereditary relationships in general. Molecular Diagnostics is also well known for providing qualitative and quantitative results that help in detection,
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One advantage is that many tests can be used during point of care. This results in many simple tests with fast turn around times. Clinicians are also able to get results faster and start treating patients as soon as needed. Another advantage is that Molecular Diagnostic continues to grow and is not limited to only one field of study. Molecular diagnostics can be used in genetics, hematology, infectious diseases, oncology, and pharmacology. Molecular Diagnostics is making huge improvements in Oncology. With these improvements, the public can be scanned for cancer, treat cancer based on subtypes, and monitor the prognosis and therapies of cancer patients. Not only is Molecular Diagnostics making headway in oncology but Microbiology labs prefer to use it over cultures, electron microscopy, and direct immunofluorescence. They would rather use PCR because it has a high sensitivity with a turn around of one day, costs less, used to quantitate microorganisms for treatment and to monitor disease, and also combined with sequencing for antiviral sensitivity and genotyping. One of the greatest advantages of molecular diagnostics is the sensitivity. Most tests detect specific analytes and DNA in small amounts which results in more effective results. Molecular Diagnostics is also an advantage because the biomarker assays and tests are approved in a shorter period of time than…show more content…
Many labs are looking into the great advances of Molecular Diagnostics and relying on these techniques to treat patients’ more effectively and in a shorter period of time. With research and hard work, scientists are working on finding new biomarkers, new risk factors, and new approaches to treat patients’. As Molecular Diagnostics is becoming more frequent in labs, scientists are hoping that the funds will increase to replace lab equipment while trying to keep healthcare
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