Mohandas Gandhi Changed The World

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Have you ever wanted to change the world? How far would you go to end hatred and discrimination? Gandhi took a stand and started a movement in changing the surrounding countries along with his own. Mohandas Gandhi was a brave and gentle man, who changed the world for the better. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on October 2, of 1869 in Porbandar, India. As a child Gandhi was shy, soft-spoken, and a serious young boy. When Gandhi was only thirteen years old he was married to Kasturba, in an arranged marriage by their parents. Later on in life Gandhi was blessed with four sons. At the age of eighteen Gandhi left his wife and newborn son to travel to London England in the hopes of becoming a lawyer. While in London, Gandhi met up with the London Vegetarian Society, when he was in search of finding a vegetarian restaurant . This group introduced Gandhi to multiple poets and authors (Rosenberg, Jennifer). In June of 1891 he traveled back to India with his degree in law. Work in the law field was limited for the young man, because of the lack of knowledge in Indian law and confidence during trial. After a couple years Gandhi was presented with a year-long position in a law case in South Africa. Gandhi’s travel to Africa had changed him from a quiet boy to being outspoken and a protester towards discrimination and hate. On one of the first days Gandhi arrived in South Africa he was transferred to a smaller city up north which would take several days by train. When Gandhi boarded the first of many trains with his firstclass ticket seats, the railroad officials told him to move to third-class. Gandhi refused and was thrown off the train( Later that night he realized that he needed to take a stand for this happened too c... ... middle of paper ... ...ks. Gandhi was not injured during this attempt ( On the fifth attempt of Gandhi's life a bomb was planted in a cotton ball behind the podium of where Gandhi was suppose to give a speech. The bomb exploded unexpectedly before the conference was even started and the assassin was captured and taken to custody ( In the sixth and final attempt on Gandhi’s life, Godse was able to get close enough to Gandhi in a crowd and shoot him three times in the chest at point blank range. Some spectators claimed Gandhi said “ Oh, God.” where as others claimed he said nothing at all ( Gandhi, was a great man, full of wisdom and faith. He took many tolls on his body for humanity, such as fasting multiple times. Mr. Gandhi changed the lives of many Indians, giving them independence and also spreading his love, and beliefs throughout the world.

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