Modest Proposal

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The author of “A Modest Proposal”, Jonathan Swift, writes this story to provide various solutions that the country of Ireland was facing in 1729. Swifts purpose is to convince the readers that something needs to be done in order to save the people and the beautiful country. He uses a serious tone giving the reader the allusion that he is serious about the topic. The audience he intended this paper to be read by would have been the people of Ireland and the people of other countries that were interested in helping the people that were suffering deeply. The issue that Swift focuses on is the fact that Irish people are dying and suffering because of how badly the country is doing. The context of the story is Swift explaining the issues and solutions that could be used to solve Irelands’ problems. Although, the solutions seem far-fetched, he is the only one showing interest in the subject. Throughout the paper Swift seems to be the only one that argues, no one else seems to be interested in helping. The credentials Swift has are that he studied at Oxford, making him an educated man. H...

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