Modernization As A Direct Effects Of Globalization And Nationalization

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Culture, religion, language, and history has become politicized in the formation of nation-states is a direct effect of globalization and modernization. Modernization involves economic development, technological advancement, political development and mobilization. It ultimately allows states to bring together different values and culture by providing a national identity for individuals and groups. This is achieved through politicization. For example, black people and white people were able to look beyond their racial markers and were able to identify themselves as Americans first and foremost. The melting pot, in this case, is used to assimilate people into a particular national identity. In that regards, I will advance the argument that culture,…show more content…
Arguably, culture, religion, language, and history only became politicized in the formation of nation-states after the second world war. National identity became a priority for states with the politicization of an ethnic group. The due process of politicization is a concept that is used by the government in an attempt to unify and modernize the current state. Harris exemplifies that national self-determination is just as important as individual identity as “the nation is considered an important source of personal identity” (p.…show more content…
It allows people to connect with a common denominator. Calhoun believes that the “account of nationalism as a peripheral response to core expansion [is] at best to explain levels of resentment and mobilization” (p.58). However, he holds that “it does not address the constitution of national identity” (p.58). Calhoun provides that the state was not really interested in creating unities in the begin. However, over time, modern nation-states realized that it was necessary to bring people together. He acknowledges that there is an economic component to the modernization agenda, which includes capitalism. The states, thereby, used culture, religion, language and history to promote other developments Post-Industrial revolution. People began to accept nationalism, where it consists of people from different

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