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As Essay Associating Modernist Architecture, “Form And Function” And Louis H. Sullivan, the Father of Modernist Architecture

In general, modern architecture is characterized by the simplification of form and the creation of ornaments from structures and themes of buildings. As stated by US General Service administration (2003), it is a term applied to an overarching movement, with its exact definition and scope varying widely [US General Service administration (2003)]. Form follows function is a famous principle associated with the modern architecture as well as industrial designs of 20th century. This principle stated that the shape of a building or object should primarily be based upon its intended function or purpose. This particular essay going to illustrate the following questions from historical and contextual basis. How did Louis H. Sullivan’s “form follows function” turn out to be the fundamental concept of modernist architecture? What did drive Louis H. Sullivan to construct his famous philosophy “Form follows function”? From different perspective to argue that question, it will be considered whether “form follows function” was the fundamental concept of modern architecture or not. To argue with that, understanding about the philosophy “form follows function” and modernist architecture is necessary.
This phrase “form follows function” is well known to everyone. Here, the focusing of this phrase from the architectural point of view has to be elaborated. On this surface, “form follows function” seems to make a lot of sense. The way something looks should be determined by its purpose. Does this phrase of Louis H. Sullivan hold up upon deeper inspection?
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...ect and builder 2 and 3 (February 16, 1901), Hugh Morrison stated in his biography that Sullivan was forced by himself for becoming a teacher instead of being an architect at the later years. He also tried to keep things simpler and moreover he was a true nature love [the interstate architect and builder 2 and 3 (February 16, 1901)]. That can also play major role behind driving him to come to such an extraordinary solution. However, after analyzing all of those data, it can certainly be said that the “form follows function” was the fundamental basic of the modernist architecture. This philosophy convinced many architects of that time, though this theory might be biased by romanticism. Moreover, at last a conclusion can be gained by going through the research of Louis H. Sullivan regarding the inspiration of this mighty philosophy from the architectural perspective.
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