Modern Terrorism and Cyber Terrorism

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Terrorism is “the use of violence against people or property to force changes in societies or governments, strikes fear in the hearts of people everywhere.” Terrorism is something that has been going on for many centuries now. It is nothing new to the history of our world. During earlier times, and even now terrorism was started by individual people, groups of people, and political classes. Terrorism does not always happen the exact same way every time.
Modern terrorism has started in the 1960’s. Many of these attacks were cause by groups of people wanting to bring attention to what they want for themselves and their country or goals they want from the government. Some people even do this to grab attention to the media in order to get what they want for themselves known. There are multiple reasons for modern terrorism. For example, people may want independence or a better humanity, or even because of religious views. In order to get peace these people destroy and become very violent. They destroy the things they think are bad for their society or other parts of the world. Terrorist are willing to do anything to get what they want.
Another type of terrorism is cyber terrorism. This is the “politically motive attacks on informational systems.” For example, hacking into computer networks or spreading viruses through the computers. And since more businesses want to use more networks for their business “experts” think that the terrorism rate will go up because terrorists will be able to hack into the countries systems better.
The governments have many solutions on how to stop the terrorists. The governments have come up with the idea of finding the groups and punishing them. This was used helps to figure out if future attacks ar...

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...rrorism will happen at anytime and anywhere. Another reason is, because of the two events people have been more scared to live and have more fear in their hearts. They have changed their priorities, defense for their country, globalization etc... Terrorism events have increased dramatically over the years. Since terrorists cross national borders they are often consider terrorism an international problem. But terrorism recently has not been such a huge problem in the United States because our military forces are so secure that we are protected. If bombings do happen they happen in many other countries and like all terrorist attacks they are deadly and kill many of the citizens living in the area. Knowing that terrorism will happen again people have to work together almost like a team and come together to stand against terrorism and help to protect each other.

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