Modern Revolution Essay

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Historians have named the period between 1750 and 1914, as the era of a modern revolution and it is those revolutions that were witnessed during that period that have continued to shape today’s world. The modern revolution was made up of several developments that interacted with one another to yield better living conditions amongst human beings. Until the 19th century, the main source of energy used was biomass, combustion of heat to obtain heat and use of either animal or human muscle power. However, with the Big Era Seven, coal and steam power were adopted as the major sources of energy. By the early periods of the 19th century, steam power had enabled human beings to increase the amount of energy produced from burning coal and this yielded increased amount of energy that could now be used for purposes of industrialization. By 1914, fossil fuel was in use as well as natural gas. Doubling of the human population came after the discoveries in the energy sector. In 1800, the world’s population stood at 900 Million but by 1914, the global population was estimated at 1.75 Billio...
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