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Stephen King is a famous writer who is well known for his horror novels; he is considered a successful writer of modern horror fiction nowadays. “His books have sold more than 250 million copies worldwide and many of them have been adapted into feature films, television movies and comic books, including Stand by Me, Misery, The Green Mile, and Dreamcatcher.” King, (460). He has received many awards, such as Bram Stoker, World Fantasy, Bristish Fantasy since 1970. “Why we crave horror movies” is one of his writings that I would like to discuss. In his essay, he demonstrates that we all possess a degree of madness within our psyche. However, he considers it acceptable if we do not give into that madness. He also shows another reasons, and that is we want to know how much we are scared, the last reason, he gives us that interesting of watching horror movies. In personal opinion, these all are the author’s main point that he wishes to convey to the reader; I personally agree with his claims about testing courage, and having fun when people watch thriller movies. Nonetheless, I disagree with his point about the react of madness within all of us; his reasoning is unconvincing.
“We are all mentally ill.” (King, 460) King claims. We all are able to conceal that madness in our mind better than mental health patients. This is not true, and not a strong convincing because if we all have mental problems, how our society is going to be, for example, when people talk to themselves excessively, people are scared of everything around them, laugh or cry all day long without controlling. These mean they do not act normal or do not think as same as others do. According some dictionaries, I’ve read mentally ill or mental disorders definition, is gen...

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... first episode; October 31, 2010 until now 2014; four years is not a short time to watch any movies or shows but many people and me still watch until now, in fact, this horror show still have million people are watching and waiting; this is amazing. It is because there are interesting and attractive contents that they enjoy and watch how good people could control violence and conservative thinking.
In conclusion, Stephen King’s essay gave us the answers why we crave horror movies, except we are all insane in my opinion as explained. We can see that we crave seeing horror movies as same as others kind of movie-comedy, drama, and science fiction. Horror movies let emotions run wild such as scream out loud as much as people can; scary but safe and fun. People can know how much they are afraid and the fact is horror movies are becoming popular entertainment nowadays.

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