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The popular television show Modern Family is unique in the sense that it opposes what people usually see on TV and correctly portrays real and modern families. This TV show does not depict the usually incorrect and outdated gender roles that are quite common on TV in our world today, it depicts real families not within what might consider the “social norms”. This popular TV opposes the regular taboos and gender roles society has implemented and depicts the lives of normal and modern people. Modern Family, as the name implies, depicts the lives of modern people in our society today, not the usually perfect happy families with two kids, two parents, and a pet. The show portrays the lives of three families, one of them being the Dunphy family. The Dunphy family consists of Phil Dunphy, the father of the house, Claire Dunphy, the mother of the house, and their three children: Alex, Luke, and Haley Dunphy. What is amazing about the Dunphy family, especially when they are set aside any other “TV family”, is…show more content…
The third and final family is the Pritchett family which consists of Jay Pritchett, the father of the house, Gloria Pritchett, the mother of the house, and their two sons, Manny Delgado and Joe Pritchett. Jay is Manny’s step-father and it quite common for people to assume that their relationship might not be so good, but Modern Family challenges that idea. Society frequently portrays men as rough and tough people who only occasionally show affection, but in real life that is certainly not the care. Many boys have great relationships with their fathers and are quite affectionate with them, showing their love and care for one another. Jay and Manny have a great relationship and get along very well, their characters do not conform to the “social norms” that are quite common in the media

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