Modern Day Luxury

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Human kind has always felt the need to own luxurious items in order to show their social status. In Ancient Rome clothing was a symbol of status and power. The color purple was considered to be the most prestigious and the higher classes wore it to show their economic power. The reason for this prestige was that the most expensive dyes were used to produce the color purple. Therefore, the color became synonymous with wealth and power [Duffy, 2007]. Just as it worked in ancient Rome, people in modern societies have the desire to show their high social status. As the higher class in the Roman Empire did with luxuries, the higher classes today spend their money on brands rather than on the mere products. These luxury belongings show the economical status of the person. However, how do branded items become famous? This paper will present the different strategies used to provide prestige to people in society.

Luxurious brands make people feel unique and important. From the moment you enter the store, the staff will receive you with a special treatment. The staff will offer you something to drink, or eat. Louis Vuttion for example takes years in training staff correctly so they will be prepared to treat customers. This treatment even goes to personal sizing, Brioni uses specialized tailors to create suits. Special treatments also occurs in jewelries, Harry Winston for example will allow you to borrow jewels if you are a frequent or a reliable customer.

Of course all this special treatment has a price. This is part of why the brand is so expensive. Luxurious brands make people have a social status. People who use designer products feel prestigious. The article published in the Fashions Times Magazine called “Why Do We Care About ...

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