Modern Day Alchemist

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Webster's Dictionary defines alchemy as “a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way.” Alchemy can be performed many ways, like changing base metals into gold. Most alchemists say it is a very inexplicable transmuting. Others may say it is an exploration of a plethora of substances. Another group of alchemists believe it is a part of depth psychology. Whatever it may be it has changed the lives of people starting from the early civilizations of China and Egypt. This performance of alchemical experiments is still being performed today. You can always find something new and interesting when participating in alchemy. Alchemy is a never ending journey and I guarantee it will never bore you. You will always find something different; that’s what makes it majestic.
Another way of looking at alchemy is taking something “imperfect” and transforming into something “perfect”. This can be used in everyday life, though we might not picture it as alchemy. Alchemy is compared to life because they both demand discipline and time. These traits are both a necessity to the accomplishment of alchemy. It developed a representation used to explore different theories. Alchemy is incorporated with religious and spiritual matters to form ideas.
There are many laws of alchemy, though there is only one that is very important in this complicated process. This law states that everything has life and every life is part of something and this is called the “Duad” or Unified Duality. Alchemy has everything to do with science. Modern Day Alchemist says that there are four elements and they are fire, water, air and Earth. There are three essentials: Salt, mercury, and sulfur. Then there are t...

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... role on this because he believed the body relied on the harmony of man and nature. He believed strongly in these beliefs which made him very successful in life.

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