Modern Dance Essay

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Modern Dance
Raquel Monroe
Big Chicago; Dance, Sex, and Popular Culture
19 September 2017
Modern dance is well known across the globe creating a gr aceful and emotional presence when performed. Being able to witness or learn this style of rhythm is sensational but understanding the way this technique has grown over time can make one recognize the beauty even deeper. Showing how modern dance started, w here it began, Chicago’s impact/ involvement, and who became a n influence to the dance.
One of Chicago’s largest contributors to modern dance is Katherine Dunham. A choreographer, dancer, and author, she used dance for social activism. As an African Americ an woman born in 1909, Katherine had to work exponentially harder just to have
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In the 1930s, she revolutionized modern dance by fusing in traditional black dance. Not long after, she created her first school in Chicago, the K.D. School of Arts and Research.
Another spectacular influence to modern dance is Isadora Duncan. Born in 187
7, she grew up as a dancer before transitioning into teaching with, “an approach to dance that emphasized naturalistic movement” (Isidora, Bio.)
Throughout her life, Isadora was considered a social icon and feminist. As a young woman she refused to get ma rried, but had two children. Her refusal to give in to social
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When looking for modern dance performances in
Chicago, contemporary dance is often the results shown. However, modern dance is often found on the north and northwest side of Chicago. Classes for modern dance can be taken at Dovetai l Studios (Albany Park/Ravenswood) or the Old Town School of Folk Music (Lincoln
Modern dance is popularly performed at the Old Town School of Folk Music, however bigger dance halls like the Hubbard Street Dance Chicago or the Visceral Dance Cent er also perform modern dance. People who perform modern dance are often middle class, young, white females interested in modern ballet. It makes a lot of sense that modern dance is found greatly in these areas because the people living in these neighborhoo ds fall under that classification.
With the knowledge about modern dance and how it has not only evolved but influenced many people/ places, hopefully one can understand the beauty of the dance more clearly. This dance has affected many people who perfor m it and teach it by its emotion and movement.
Modern dance has also developed a popular place in the dance community through history and people keeping it alive. Chicago and other places that hold this dance close found a way that
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