Modern Culture Essay: The Traditional Culture Of South Germany

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South Germany is home to both the modern life most Europeans enjoy and the traditional culture that people usually associate with Germany. It has two states: Bavaria, Bayern in Deutsche, and Baden-Württemberg. Their capitals are Munich and Stuttgart, respectively. The five largest cities in South Germany range from modern to medieval. Mannheim and Karlsruhe are more modern cities. Many inventions and discoveries were made in Karlsruhe including the bicycle and the first sent email. A large, modern, locally famous mall lies in Mannheim, which Mannheim is known to the locals as the “shopping city”. A well-known fact to locals and foreigners alike is that beer is a large part of people’s lives in South Germany. There are beer gardens, where people of any age can sit in the shade of a chestnut tree and drink the beer specialty of the day, eat, or just sit, talk, and enjoy the atmosphere. Beer is actually considered a basic food in Bavaria, so it comes as no surprise that Oktoberfest is held there. Once a year in Munich, people from all over the world come to celebrate in the world’s largest folk festival as well as to try new and classic varieties of beer. Even Disney is inspired by South Germany. The famous Disney Castle is modelled after the Neuschwanstein Castle designed by “Mad” King Ludwig II. Castles are not the only mainstream thing from South Germany; many famous actors are from here. Sibel Kekilli, who plays Shae in Game of Thrones, was born in Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg. Also from…show more content…
The same can be said for South Germany. South Germany has a place for everyone. It holds on to its history and vibrant culture while being a leader in technologies and international culture. From a variety of delicious traditional dishes to the inspiration for the Disney Castle and scientists who changed views on science forever, South Germany is arguably one of the most diverse and influential places on
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