Modern Communication Systems: Downward and Upward Communication

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Why do you think that downward communication is much more prevalent in organizations than upward communication.

Communication means that when an individual needs to use four ways of planning, organizing, leading and controlling of all that involves communication. The individual may be the glue that holds organizations together. The first thing the importance of communication to help the organization is to ensure that all individuals and organizations have achieved. Furthermore, all individuals can perform and respond to organizational change and coordinate activities involved almost all related behaviors in the organization. Communication can flow to the bottom, top and sides of an organization.

In my opinion, I choose this title that downward communication is more prevalent in the organization of communication upward because very many organizations that use methods for structured organization. Communications to the mean flow of information from higher levels of management to subordinate the individual to work in an organization. Business managers often use skilled communication down to motivate the staff working under their company.

Communication is related to the ideas and information that will be submitted by the individual. In business we need to communicate well and clearly because it will involve among the people, organizations and places that may be associated in some form such as speech, writing, action and gestures. Organizations need to restructure in any way to maximize the benefits of the communication process. This is why the structure of the team is so useful because it opens multiple channels of communication flow. A large firm in the 1980s in America and Western Europe has been characterized by top-down commu...

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...nd of ignore, misunderstand, misinterpret, forgetful and generally make the things that cannot be easily communicated and they understand that it's not worth it. Problems can also occur when information is transmitted, for example where a manager tried to notify their employees. In many organizations, there are some individuals will communicate accurately when requested. The secret to success with downward communication include using various channels and testing. Using a variety of channels, including meeting announcements, information web, magazines, posters on bulletin boards and so on. Individuals have their own way of learning when to use an easier way for them to communicate, the more individuals will get the message.

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