Models Of Health In The World Health Organisation (WHO)

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Health is defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as being ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing’. There are many differing perceptions of health in society, some believe health is based on the presence of illness, whereas other people take into consideration their overall wellbeing, and strive to prevent illnesses.
Models of Health have been put into place with the aspiration of making a healthier individual or nation. These differ from simply treating any physical or biological illnesses, to looking at trying to make sure a person does not become ill in the first place.
The biomedical model is the main model of the NHS in focusing on making any person suffering from any illness better. First a diagnosis is needed
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Details of their social lifestyle, and any social causes to the illness do not need to be approached giving the individual a view that they never need to change any habits they have on their health, as the NHS will always provide free treatment, regardless of their lifestyle.
The social model was developed to take into consideration the cultural, environmental and social factors of a person when looking at their health. The main focus is to make sure a community as a whole has broad health knowledge and can then promote this onto themselves. The social model uses collaboration from different sectors such as school nurses, NHS posters, adverts and health and safety guidelines in order to make sure a person is educated about illnesses from all different social
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Icek Ajzen said there are three factors to consider when predicting whether a person will perform an unhealthy behaviour. He looked at the attitude a person had towards the unhealthy act, as well as what’s socially expected of them and the behaviour control the individual has. For instance, if a person favours a behaviour the more likely they are to then perform this behaviour, the individual will also be influenced by the views of others around them, in relation to this act. The last factor will be the perceived behaviour control of that person, as to whether they then control their own behaviour, or begin to submit to the specific
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