Model of Critical Success Factors and Success Criteria for Project and Project Management Success in a Developing Country

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Abstract The current study explores the relationship between critical success factors (CSF) and success criteria quantitatively using multiple regressions. To develop the relationship four groups of success criteria (iron triangle, organizational benefits, information system benefits and stakeholder’s benefits) and five groups of CSFs (Factors related to project, leadership/manager, team members, project organization and environment) were used. Results demonstrate that every success criteria has at least one significant relationship with any group of CSF. We further developed a model in the light of the analysis to explain how project management and project success can be achieved using CSF and success criteria’s. Findings of this study have significant implications for project organization, project beneficiary organization, and most importantly for the initiators of projects, how they can control different variables to achieve project management and project success. Introduction Many models and theories have been proposed to measure the success of the project but still a perfect/complete model has not been developed through which we can measure the project success or make the project successful. Jessen, S (2006) has hypothesized that when project managers know what project triumph and dynamics under their command could impact on outcome, project performance would perk up. In project management, success of project is discussed and proposed by different authors but the general agreement has not been achieved (Shenhar et al., 1997). “Surprisingly in the project management literature it is till somewhat unclear what makes a successful project in general and the concept of project success has not been well defined anywhere ... ... middle of paper ... ...Management Journal, vol 28, no. 2. Toor, S-U- & Ogunlana, SO 2009, 'Beyond the 'iron triangle':Stakeholder perception of key performance indicators (KPIs) for large-scale public sector development projects', International Journal of Project Management. Warchol, J & Amadi-Echendu, J 2007, 'Critical success factors for brown-field capital and renewal projects', SA Journal of Industrial Engineering, vol 18, no. 1, pp. 107-116. Westerveld, E 2003, 'The project excellence model: linking success criteria and critical success factors', International Journal of Project Management, vol 21, pp. 411-418. White, D & Fortune, J 2002, 'Current practice in project management- an empirical study', International Journal of Project Management, vol 20, pp. 1-11. Wit, AD 1988, 'Measurement of project success', International Journal of Project Management, vol 6, no. 3, pp. 164-170.
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