Model Minority Stereotypes

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Within the United States, the attitude towards Asian American immigrants have changed from being seen as a menace to society to becoming praised as the model minority. Under the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, the United States was looking to accept model immigrants by prioritizing those with higher education and desirable skills for the workforce. This immigration policy caused an influx of middle to upper class Asian immigrants to come to the United States, which is the root for the model minority stereotype that is attached to the Asian American community. Yet, the idea of being the model minority does not extend to all Asian immigrants especially those who came to the United States seeking refuge from various conflicts such as the Vietnam War. Thus, the model minority myth is damaging for the Asian American community because it ignores those who do not fits this stereotype which is reflected in Erika Lee’s book, The Making of Asia America, and the film Children of Invention.
Due to the sheer diversity of Asian
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The media purposely reports about the fact that “[m]ost Asian Americans (49 percent) have college degrees compared with all other U.S. adults (28 percent)” (Lee 376) as well as their ability to “[outscore]outscored other racial groups on the math portion of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) year after year” (Lee 376). These types of discussions causes people to believe that all Asian Americans succeed academically, which perpetuates the model minority stereotype. Considering the fact that other minoritized groups have negative stigmas, some may argue that Asian Americans should appreciate the positive label, “model minority.” Although a positive stereotype may seem beneficial, it can
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