Moby Dick

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Ahab: Ahab constantly makes unjust decisions. He is poisoned with his dying urge to kill Moby Dick. So he has bad judgement, that leads to issues with the crew. Ahab makes very unwise decisions, he lets his dying urge to kill Dick get in his way and clog his mind. Ahab’s motivation is to kill Moby Dick for revenge from taking his leg. Ahab’s actions affect the crew and people around him, because he can’t make a clear judgement because he wants revenge on Moby. Ahab is constantly referred to as stubborn, unwise, and he makes bad calls that affect his crew. Ahab has a need for revenge, because Moby took his leg. So he made a leg made of whale bone to remember his enemy. When Starbuck tells Ahab about the oil leak, Ahab silently thinks that he has to stop the ship. Ahab starts off flat, but then as the story progresses he gets more and more filled with anger. The author, shows his feelings through Ishmael, it shows that no-one likes Ahab. Starbuck: Starbuck makes just choices. He does what is best for the crew and sometimes he tries to make Ahab change his mind. Starbuck’s actions are ...
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