Mobile Tecommunication In Pakistan Case Study

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Introduction: The Article “Mobile Telecoms in Pakistan At Last 3G” dated April 26th 2014 from The Economist. Mobile Telecoms are vital to the Country’s Development. Waiting of so many years and years, AT LAST the 3G and 4G has been launched in Pakistan. Pakistan was the only major country in south Asia which was deprived of the post modern 3G and 4G high speed Mobile Internet. Pakistan’s neighbour India started its 3G Service in 2010 and Afghanistan which is a war damaged country switched to 3G in 2012. There are almost 132 million peoples who used mobile phones in Pakistan, which is almost 73% of the total population according to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. There are Five Mobile Companies Operating in Pakistan, which are Mobilink, Ufone, Warid Telecom and two foreign ones, China Mobiles (Zong) and Telenor of Norway. All took part in bidding except Warid Telecom Pakistan. Microeconomics: Is the study that how individual and firms make decisions and how they interact in markets. Demand and Supply, Price Elasticity and Price Equilibrium: The law of demand and supply is one of the basic principles of economics. The quantity demanded of a goods or services is the amount that consumers plan to buy during a particular period of time and at a particular price. Where other things remain constant, an increase in the price of good, increases the quantity supplied or vice versa. The quantity supplied of a goods or services is the amount that producers plan to sell during a given period of time, increases in the price will tend to decrease the quantity demanded or vice versa. Analysis The 3G/ 4G service will provide a Market full of uncertainty, the Shopkeeper think th... ... middle of paper ... ...niversal incentive can be drawn by increasing the taxes i.e. they derive from taxes paid by all sectors of the economy. Conclusion To conclude, this can be said that, Cellular markets are full of uncertainty, demand and supply has always been opposite to each other in any case or product which automatically adjusted itself to reach equilibrium level, increase in demand will cause rise in prices which in results will go in the favour of suppliers. From consumers point of view , they think through 3G/4G technology they can have quick speed and high video quality. This will also develop a good communication services like Wide area wireless voice telephone, mobile Internet access, video calls, television and broadband wireless data. Everyone wants to buy 3G and 4G technology powered devices and tools. It has enhanced the way of life of all mobile users in Pakistan.

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