Mobile Technology

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Introduction Nowadays mobile technology has become the most important part of human life. People in their daily spend more than 12 hours a day. Mobile technology become more helpful, it has many Applications, or APPS such as WhatsApp, BBM and other social applications make people life easy to communicating with other people .The reason behind choosing this topic is I have seen that my friends are addicted with their mobile phones, so I was interested to find out more about this topic and also because it's important to me. This report includes two stages the survey findings and research findings. The results show that 44 out of 54 agreed with that the mobile phones make their world seem like an insignificant village. This report will discuss the survey findings and research findings. Survey Findings The survey was completed on 18 March by 55 respondents. It is possible to draw conclusions from 55 people, but more students are needed to obtain better findings. Most of the respondents said they are satisfied with their mobile phone type. The majority of respondents were aged 13 to 19...
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