Mobile Gaming: The Future Of The Gaming Industry

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Gaming has developed very much sense the beginning, from large arcade games to computer and console games, and now smartphones. The question must be asked, where is the gaming industry heading? In current day there are two major branches of gaming, the half that are with consoles and computers, and the other half mobile gaming with smartphones. The console and computer half of the gaming industry tends to have much better graphics, more content, lore, and is the older style of gaming. The smartphone half tend to be short little apps that don’t really have content, or lore for any matter, but are entertaining and do not require a television with them as they can take the games anywhere. This smartphone style of gaming is fairly new, shown by…show more content…
Console games tend to have much more immersion, along with the more enhanced technology that allows the graphics and controls to be much smoother in comparison to the mobile games. Playing on a console feels completely different from playing on a mobile phone, and usually the feeling is much better on the console, the only real advantage phones have in convenience. Not very many people would prefer to play a mobile game when they are in a situation where they can play a console game because of these reasons. The variety of games on consoles is also tremendous comparative to mobile gaming. Console games have games like MMORPGs, MOBAs, FPS, and Open world RPGs, while mobile games consist of puzzles and…show more content…
But, mobile games can be played anywhere is the huge advantage over console games, and almost anyone can play them. This is how the mobile gaming industry thrives. Even if the games are higher quality, if they are not as convenient to play, then they still are smaller than a simple mobile game that has gotten large. Even with the less graphics and usually worse controls, that doesn’t mean that it can’t engross a user into playing the game. Which is the real goal of games in the first place, to entertain the player. This goes along with the variety of games, while consoles have many different types of games, mobile games have their own majority typing of games. Side-scrollers do not tend to be very successful on consoles, yet huge on mobile. This is because side-scrollers try to grab the attention of the user for a short moment instead of long complicated games. This shows the individuality of the mobile games, instead of just a worse version of console, mobile gaming has its own types of games that are entertaining. The convenience is also the reason why consoles got so large, because they were more convenient than the large, stationary, arcade

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