Mobile Computing: Operating Systems and Development Tools

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Mobile computing, whether it is the ubiquitous laptop, smart phone or tablet, has become a necessary part of our lives for both work and play. Presently smart phones and tablets have dominated the market, outselling even personal computers and laptops. The three major companies that develop the operating system software developers use to give us the ability to send, receive and process data while on the go are Apple, Google and Microsoft. The technology is constantly evolving. These companies develop, with the help of other partners, hardware, operating systems and programming solutions that enable us to un-tether ourselves from our desks. Their efforts also give individual developers the opportunity to develop games and apps, with the added benefit of selling them in an online marketplace. Following is an overview of mobile computing operating system architecture, programming tools and the online app stores developers can use to distribute their work. Apples iPhone, iPad and iPod touch all use the Apple iOS (operating system) which is based on a layered architecture consisting of four layers, cocoa touch, media, core services and core OS. Most of iOS development is accomplished with frameworks that provide developers with the interfaces required to program apps. The cocoa layer is responsible for defining the look and feel of your app, providing touch based input and many other high level system services. The media layer allows programmers to add high quality graphics, sound and video to their apps. This layer also allows developers to create media streaming apps. The core services layer defines the basic types used by all apps and support for features such as iCloud, social media, and networking services. Finally, the core O... ... middle of paper ... .../features/android.html

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