Mobile Commuication: Texting and Driving

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As indicated by Jonathon Burkett, there is a difference between texting and driving. When driving, one’s eyes have to be open while looking at the road ahead of him. The driver needs to be watching the cars around him and looking at streetlights and road signs. When one is texting, they are focused on the texting device and what they are going to typing next. How can a person think they can do both? They can’t. Drivers’ need to be more aware of the dangers they are putting themselves and others in. People text and drive for various reasons; however, it is never more important than a life. Texting is becoming the most popular form of communication, leading to increased texting while driving percentages. Mobile communication is becoming more and more popular every year. Now, almost half of all teenagers admit to texting while driving (The Cons of Texting and Driving 1). The age group committing the biggest proportion of texting while driving incidents is teenagers. The main reason is that they see this as socially acceptable. If everyone is doing it, they feel that it is the accepted norm. Drivers, including teenagers, should set a good example by texting and driving. If enough abide by this rule, a reverse in the trend to text while driving may occur (Neyfakh 1). Many individuals cannot go out on the road without glancing down at their phones. Texting while driving has become a habit for many drivers. They think that texting their friends is more important than a life (Neyfakh 1). A driver might begin to get bored while driving. They then hear the text ringtone from their best friend and proceed to take out their phone to quickly view the message. Keep in mind that a couple of seconds of distracted driving could result in death ... ... middle of paper ... 2014. . Lake, Charlene. "The Journey to End Texting and Driving." The Huffington Post., 22 Nov. 2013. Web. 22 Apr. 2014. . Neyfakh, Leon. "Texting and driving: A deadly habit." The Week. N.p., 13 Nov. 2003. Web. 20 Apr. 2014. . Snyder, Edgar. "Texting and Driving Statistics | 23% of Car Accidents Each Year Involve Cell Phone Use." N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Apr. 2014. . "The Cons of Texting and Driving by Playwithfire." StudyMode. N.p., 12 Nov. 2000. Web. 22 Apr. 2014. .
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