Mobile Accessible Websites

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With smartphones and tablets taking the world by storm with 77 per cent of the world own a mobile device. Many businesses and companies are creating their websites to be mobile compatible, thus allowing the public to access their website on the go and on their mobile or tablet.

By having a mobile accessible website there are some advantages that come with it. Amongst the use of having a mobile or tablet to access a website, it can enable access to information, anytime and anywhere there is mobile coverage. By freeing information from the restrictions of a desk or search for a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot, people can quickly retrieve and exchange information. This is great for a business at it allows people to access their website easier as they do not have to do it from a desktop computer or laptop, providing a vast connectivity. Many people use their mobile phone carriers internet 3G/4G towers to search the web. It allows fast internet connections and by carrying a mobile phone it is a lot more portable than a normal computer. These days the mobile phone is peoples life, wherever they go, the phone goes. It comes with many uses that rely on internet, such as web browsing, apps, social media, banking and many more. They can never separate from it.

Although a mobile accessible website can be an advantage, there also can be some arising issues with it. Websites are created for being used by desktop computers and laptops. The problem with a mobile accessible website is that if you create a website for a computer, the resolution will be suited for that computer size or near about. If you access the website through your mobile device. It wont be very accessible due to the screen resolution differences. Mobile phones have limited support ...

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...andard webpage and creates a smaller resolution and automatically adjust image sizes so it becomes mobile friendly. It also is beneficial for the creator, due only having one website, maintenance is easy and the webpage is cheaper than having two.

Overall a mobile accessible website, has changed the way we view websites. It has created many opportunities for different website owners and companies to have more views of their website, through mobile phone devices. While the mobile phone is everyone’s best friend, most use their phone for internet services. Mobile accessible websites allow people to access there needs from a website without having any issues relating to usability and functionality. Additionally mobile websites are becoming out-dated and the use of a responsive web-design enables websites to change its appearance according to the devices resolution.
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